Green Spaces in The Vale

You will remember that early in 2020 GGERA volunteers planted a variety of spring bulbs in the green spaces on The Vale, thanks to the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association. The aim was to create a corridor of wild flowers which will look colourful and smell divine AND will entice butterflies and bees to come and make their home here too.

You may also remember that UK Power Networks dug up all our planting efforts a few months later.

We have some good news at last: Thanks to Maureen Byrne’s persistence one of the executives of the company has now promised compensation AND will himself assist with the replanting.

And while we’re on the subject …

Why not sow some wildflower seeds, which attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators, in your garden?

Pollination is important because it’s how plants reproduce and bear fruit. Over recent years, because of pesticides, our pollinators are dying and they desperately need the sustenance from wildflowers.

At the very least they are beautiful to look at.

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