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2020 – What a Year it’s Been!

Covid-19. Perhaps enough said! But …

• It was lovely to see so many join in the Clap for NHS and to see how neighbours have looked out for each other throughout.

• Thanks to the residents who have been supporting our local pharmacy deliver medicines to the housebound.

Litter picking

• One resident was spotted litter-picking on his own in Purbeck Drive one early morning during the first lockdown. How kind!

• Thank you to residents of The Vale who have organised litter pick-ups in the green space there.

• We hope we can organise another estate-wide litter pick-up in due course.

We continue to campaign for Donoghue’s to relocate. On a related note, we were able to help coordinate some strong opposition to the proposed concrete batching facility in Cricklewood.

It was lovely to see in the spring the results of the earlier wildflower bulb-planting activity.

The Memories Group has been meeting weekly via Zoom every Wednesday 5:00–6:00 pm since April. It has become more of a support group to its members during these peculiar times. It welcomes all residents and those with a connection to our area. It is now on Christmas break but weekly meetings will resume on Wednesday 13th January. If you would like to join any of its meetings just email

After some months of cajoling, the vandalized cash machine in Pennine Drive has at long last been removed.

We do thank Barnet Council for installing the CCTV camera in Pennine Lane, behind the shops. Please email PC Singh at if you witness any antisocial behaviour in that area.

We continue to try to halt the overdevelopment of our neighbourhood. Some planning applications have been turned down after our lobbying. Thank you to all those who have taken the time to object.

Other Matters

Clitterhouse Farm’s garden will be closed from this Saturday until January 9th. The Grub Club – which tackles food waste and food poverty by turning surplus into delicious meals on a “pay as you feel” basis – will be returning also on the 9th. Help tackle environmental waste by bringing your tupperware along.

We do also want to thank

  • Barnet’s parks and street cleaning team for keeping our streets and playing fields free of litter.
  • Barnet Police and the Golders Green & Childs Hill Safer Neighbourhood teams for working hard to keep us safe.
  • Our councillors and council officers for their ongoing support in local matters and particularly with our Dump Donoghue campaign.

You can contact our police Safer Neighbourhood Teams for non-urgent matters:

Of course these contact points are not for emergency matters. For urgent help please dial 999. provides a way of reporting crime online.

You can keep up to date with police local news and advice by joining

Concrete Batching in Cricklewood – Please Object

The Railway Terraces Residents’ Association has drawn our attention to a planning application by Capital Concrete for a concrete batching facility next to the railway line in Cricklewood just off the Edgware Road. The consultation period ends on 12 November – so please register your objection as soon as you can.

You can see the application and comment on it by following this link, entering the reference 20/4817/FUL at the bottom of the page and clicking Search. If you would like to comment privately you can instead email and the Barnet case officer, Chloe Jenkins,, quoting the application reference number 20/4817/FUL; if you do email your objection please also copy in your local councillors (full contact details on the Useful Links page).

Residents of the Railway Terraces are very concerned about this proposal. It will site heavy industry in what was supposed to be simply a rail freight transfer terminal. Concrete batching is a dirty polluting industry that has no place very close to a heavily populated area. Similar plants owned by Capital Concrete and others on the Claremont Industrial Estate have, over many years, blighted land around Brent Terrace with dust and noise pollution.

The only hope of preventing the application being approved appears to be massed and concerted action by concerned residents of Barnet and Brent. We hope that you will be willing to join the campaign.

Below is a map of the proposed location. To see it in Google Maps, click this link: As you can see, with the prevailing westerly wind this is bound to cause more dust in the Golders Green Estate area.

The main points to note are:

  • The height of the proposed facility is just under 17 meters tall. This will affect fundamentally the nature of the skyline in the surrounding area.
  • The noise generated by the facility will be significant and there has been inadequate mitigation of this in the proposed plans.
  • The facility will mean that hazardous materials are IMPORTED by road onto the site for the first time with the added risks of pollution and contamination (cement is needed to make concrete and is currently not delivered to the site. The building waste that currently is imported by road is non-putrescible non-hazardous waste that is graded off site before being imported).
  • The air pollution modelling has not been based on samples taken at an analogous site but on purely hypothetical models.
  • The use of existing facilities have led to mud and dirt being tracked in/out of the facility. The inability to contain the egress of waste is concerning in the context of concrete/cement being handled on site.
  • The introduction of heavy industry into this part of NW2 is unprecedented. Previously there has been light industry only on this site and manufacturing/retail/ light industry in the surrounding area.
  • The environmental assessment has treated the sensitivity of the site currently occupied by Matalan as retail (and so therefore not a particularly sensitive site). In fact the area is going to be developed as flats (height of development yet to be confirmed) and so the assessment has a gap in it.
  • The consultation process has been patchy and the consultation period too short for a significant development such as this.

Bin Collections

Fortnightly garden waste collections are currently suspended but will resume again on 16 May for most houses on the Golders Green Estate. Check here for the details for your address.  Remember that garden waste will now only be collected from households who have signed up and paid for the service.  If you have already signed up you should have received a yellow sticker to place on your bin.

Blue and black bin collections continue to be made weekly.

Please follow the rules on this page if you are self-isolating or have COVID-19.

Summers Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre is currently closed and will not be open to the public for the foreseeable future.

Problem Neighbours?

For all environmental health matters please email Please note this mail box is checked only during normal working hours, Monday to Friday and not at weekends.

If your request is urgent or regarding an on-going noise or nuisance problem, you should call 020 8359 7995 Monday to Fridays 9:00 am – 5:15 pm, or 020 8359 2000 if outside of these hours.

Clitterhouse Farm

We would like to thank the Clitterhouse Farm team and all the volunteers involved for its amazingly beautiful garden! It has been the highlight for many during our daily walks. If you have not seen it, it’s worth taking a stroll.

This garden would love some watering and weeding. If you’d be happy to help for a bit on your daily outing, please contact Patrick ( who will happily guide you on how to do this safely.

Another way to help is by donating old newspapers – the Farm team are making paper pots out these:

Memories Group

The Memories group is now having virtual meetings using Zoom every Wednesday 3.30-4.30 pm.

If you’d like to share your news and memories over an informal cup of tea please email

If you know of any neighbour that might be interested but has no online access, please ask them to ring 020 8987 8096 before the meeting so we can arrange to contact them while the meeting takes place.