CPZ – What do YOU think?

We have asked in the past what residents think about introducing a Controlled Parking Zone in the roads on the Estate and opinions have been very mixed.

However we think it’s now appropriate to petition the Council to set one up.

  • All of the surrounding roads now have similar schemes, which increases the pressure on our streets.
  • The situation seems to be worsening, with more and more cars parked during the day – especially in Pennine Drive and Cotswold Gardens.
  • It can sometimes be dangerous for the young, old and disabled to cross our roads due to the lack of visibility.
  • We don’t think it’s worth trying to introduce a CPZ in just parts of the Estate as that would exacerbate the situation on the remaining roads.
  • We would ask for a parking restriction for just one hour during the day from Monday to Friday. This would stop the use of the roads by commuters but allow residents and their visitors to continue to park overnight and at weekends.
  • We recognise that residents who need to park their cars on the street during the day will need to pay an additional charge but feel that the benefits outweigh this small drawback. The costs will depend on your vehicle CO2 emissions but are typically in the region of £40-£75 a year for modern cars (see https://www.barnet.gov.uk/parking/parking-permits-and-vouchers/apply-or-renew-parking-permit/resident-parking-permits) for full details.

If you have strong feelings – either for or against this proposal – would you please let us know?

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