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B&Q Site – Latest

As we previously noted, Barnet provided further opportunity to comment on the revised plans for the B&Q site.

The NorthWestTwo Residents Association among many others have repeatedly voiced their opposition to the plan. You can read their latest objection here.

The online consultation has now ended and the planning outcome is pending. However, comments can still be emailed to and will be accepted up until the time that the decision is made.

Workshops at Clitterhouse Farm

Do take note of these upcoming workshops at Clitterhouse Farm. Email for tickets.

Wildflower Seedball Making
Support the bees with native wildflowers
25th September 2021, 2nd October 2021
11 am – 12 pm. Adults £6 / children £3

Introduction to Knitting
Knit your own hat or headband
16th October 2021, 23rd October 2021
1:30 – 3 pm. Tickets £15

Introduction to Watercolour Painting
Find inspiration in the farm garden
9th October 2021, 16th October 2021, 30th October 2021
11 am – 12:30 pm. Adults £10 / children £5

Children’s Creative Storytelling – online
Use your imagination and create your own interactive story
2nd October 2021, 9th October 2021, 16th October 2021
12:30 – 1:15 pm. Tickets £8

Illustration Workshops
Animal Drawing, 25th September 2021
1 – 3 pm. Adults £15, children £10
Drawing Insects on Crockery, 14th October 2021
6 – 7:30 pm. Adults £12, children £8
Christmas Cards, 4th November 2021
6 – 7:30 pm. Adults £12, children £8

RHS – Sustainable Gardening

The Royal Horticultural Society has an ambitious target to become net positive for nature and people.

It has just launched its Planet-Friendly Gardening Campaign which includes ten easy gardening tasks that will make a real difference to the environment and biodiversity. Tasks include growing fruit, vegetables and flowers, switching to rainwater and pulling up a paving slab or two to make room for some bee-loving perennials.

Please follow this link for more details about how you can help make a difference in your garden.

Power … of, by and for the people!

Dani Yilmaz (GGERA committee member) writes …

Did you know that 3.2 million households in England suffer from fuel poverty? And it’s set to get a lot worse: only a few weeks ago Ofgem raised the energy price cap. If we are to hit our 2050 carbon emissions target we will have to pay for it somehow. Our energy bills will rise and more and more of us will be struggling to pay for them. So it seems like a choice between “going green” and “going broke”. But is it?

Imagine this:

  • Local properties and business are fitted with solar panels which are owned by a local co-operative “of the people”.
  • This power “by the people” is sold to energy companies.
  • The profit is used “for the people” so that the co-operative can invest in more sustainable energy projects.

I know this sounds simplistic and very “pie in the sky” – but it’s not. It has been implemented for years in many areas of Europe, Scotland and England. There are quite a few of these projects in London. And some communities are saving up to 20% of in energy bills.

I am very keen to set this up for our community. I think we have everything it takes: young people with energy, drive and enthusiasm (I am myself 16 years old and have just completed my GCSEs) and older people with the experience that can give us the guidance. It is important that we all take positive action together.

For those who are interested, this website provides us with everything we need to know in order to set up and run such a project. I have already been in touch with the relevant people in “repowering” and they are very willing to help.

Let’s work together to empower and repower a new GGERA.

Please contact us if you would like to follow this up.

Cricklewood Fruit Harvesters

September is the time when the fruit trees on the estate start to ripen. What to do if you have a tree overloaded with fruit?

The Cricklewood food harvesters are a small group of volunteers that will harvest the fruit from the trees and distribute the produce to local schools, community projects and kitchens to prevent the fruit from going to waste.

Usually we use a telescopic tool with a hook to shake the tree and then catch the fruit when it falls into a tarpaulin.

Email if you have a tree that needs picking or would like to get involved with a pick.

Picking a local apple tree
Apples being juiced at Clitterhouse Playing fields with the Our Yard Project


As previously advised  we hope to make litter-picking around the estate a more regular (2-3 month) event.

The next planned date is Saturday, 9th October.

Please make every effort to help for a couple of hours.

We will meet up at 10:15 am at 105 Cheviot Gardens, ready for a 10:30 start, and will aim to finish at around 12:30 pm.