B&Q Site – Another Chance to Object (Before 16th July)

Ben Tansley from NorthWestTwo writes …

You’ve probably already seen that Montreaux have made a last-minute amendment to their plans, cutting the height of the tallest block to 19 storeys, leaving tower blocks 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and now again 19 storeys high – still more than twice the height of anything else in Cricklewood. This reduced the proposal by just 50 residential units, cutting it to 1050 units. They may have hoped this would make it more acceptable to the planning committee on 13 July 2021, but now there’s a new consultation and it can’t go to committee until September.

NorthWestTwo Residents Association, the Railway Terraces Residents Association and many, many others remain thoroughly opposed to this application. It’s still overwhelming, overbearing and out of keeping, too dense, and too much of a burden on local amenities, while its purported benefits crumble on examination.

Initial consultation was undertaken in October 2018, with letters being sent to 780 addresses. Following revisions to the scheme, an additional consultation was undertaken in June 2019. In total 480 objections were received, although only 81 of these objections were received in relation to the revised scheme.

You may be very tired of this and feel you’ve said so much already! Even so, it could be very worthwhile to go to Barnet’s planning portal again and simply say you still object. The new deadline is 16th July.

You may also have thought of more to say, in which case do add it and go into as much detail as you want! As the website itself says “If your comment is over 2000 characters please submit another online comment, begin the comment with ‘Continued’.” Lots of us have done that. But most of all, do make sure your previous objection isn’t dismissed or discounted – say it still stands!

The developers have not provided a new picture but it will look roughly like this. The top of the 25-storey block has been reduced by just 6 storeys.

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