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Safer Neighbourhood Information

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Beware: Yet Another Scam

Royal Mail and Trading Standards are currently cascading awareness of a scam. A card is posted through your door purporting to be from Parcel Delivery Service stating that a delivery has been attempted, and asks you to ring 0906 6611911 to obtain the package. This is a premium rate number and people have been charged over £300. This phone number may change but if any such leaflet or document is delivered to your door please report it to the Royal Mail central number on 0207 339 6655.

Recorded Crime Statistics

Recorded crime on the Golders Green Estate fell slightly during the 4th quarter of 2015 compared with the 3rd quarter (see data below).

On a positive note, there were only 2 recorded burglaries in Q4 compared with 9 in Q3.

The number of outcomes of these crimes still remains very low, with only 12% (4 of the 33) recorded crimes during Q4 of 2015 being resolved.

GGERA crime Q4 2015

Crime Figures: Q4 2015

Crime Figures: Q3 2015

Crime Figures: Q3 2015

Crime Statistics: October 2014 to September 2015

In the 12 months to the end of September, reported crimes for the roads on the Golders Green Estate were as follows:

Burglary 37
Vehicle crime 29
Violent and sexual offences 26
Criminal damage and arson 5
Robbery 5
Other theft 5
Drugs 3
Public order 2
Bicycle Theft 2
Theft from the person 1
Anti-social behaviour 0

The vast majority of these are either under investigation or the investigation has completed with no suspect identified.

Keep Safe in Winter

The Police and Barnet Borough Watch advise residents to remain vigilant throughout the dark winter months and make sure that properties have secure locks on all windows and doors.

When properties are unoccupied, timing switches can be used to switch on lights and radios at certain times, which will give opportunist burglars the impression that there is someone at home.

Smart Water

New Neighbourhood Watch signs have been positioned around the Golders Green Estate, together with signs warning potential criminals that Smart Water has been rolled out across the estate.

Smart water is a new forensic liquid that can be used to mark valuables. Once applied it is almost impossible to remove and can only be seen under UV light. Forensic analysis provides conclusive proof of ownership.