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Fraud Warning

Our local police neighbourhood team advise:

A number of similar frauds have occurred recently.

The victim receives a phone call from someone who appears on their phone to be their spouse or partner. But it is not their partner on the phone.  Instead, someone else states that they have been arrested for money laundering, and that an amount of money must be deposited via a bitcoin ATM machine in order for them to be released. (Bitcoin is electronic money.)

The victim is instructed to attend a bank, withdraw money in cash, and make a payment of up to £1,000 via a bitcoin ATM machine in a specific location. Payments are made using a QR code sent to their phone via WhatsApp.

On all occasions the victims’ partners are unaware of what has happened.

Please be aware of this type of scam and other telephone frauds.  Do not let these people take advantage of you!

Stay sharp!