Clitterhouse Farm

We would like to thank the Clitterhouse Farm team and all the volunteers involved for its amazingly beautiful garden! It has been the highlight for many during our daily walks. If you have not seen it, it’s worth taking a stroll.

This garden would love some watering and weeding. If you’d be happy to help for a bit on your daily outing, please contact Patrick ( who will happily guide you on how to do this safely.

Another way to help is by donating old newspapers – the Farm team are making paper pots out these:

Memories Group

The Memories group is now having virtual meetings using Zoom every Wednesday 3.30-4.30 pm.

If you’d like to share your news and memories over an informal cup of tea please email

If you know of any neighbour that might be interested but has no online access, please ask them to ring 020 8987 8096 before the meeting so we can arrange to contact them while the meeting takes place.

Please Help Local Schoolchildren

Helen Harte, Head of Business Development, CommUNITY Barnet writes:

I am looking for your support to promote this request to enable children and young people across Barnet to access online learning. Something they have been unable to do since their schools and libraries have closed.

COVID-19 has turned life upside down and inside out for everyone, including over 50 school children who have no access to the internet. For most, this might not be a problem but for these children, the tap of learning has been turned off.

Some of our children are from families who are struggling on low incomes; some are children who are sitting assessments for exams; some are still new to this country and are learning English for the first time and falling further behind, simply because they cannot access education.

Lock down has prevented them from accessing the internet through school and the local libraries. 

With your help, we can switch their education back on by providing Pay-As-You-Go dongles to 50 children that we have been contacted about. These families live across Barnet and really need help.

Where children have no laptops we will look to source these if we can, however, we are also working with schools to loan laptops where needed to enable children and young people to complete their lessons. 

With your help, we can turn the education tap back on.

To donate, follow this link:

Help During the COVID-19 Crisis

Please note the following information regarding Barnet’s COVID19 support Helpline:

If you, a family member, friend, or close member of your community are in need of urgent help that is not medical related, then please:

  • Complete the online form on the Barnet website for help and support, or
  • Call the FREE Helpline on 0808 281 3210 (open Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm)

If you need medical help you should phone NHS 111 – or for genuinely urgent medical help, 999.

If you need help with an urgent prescription, please try contacting your GP or pharmacy first.

The latest government advice can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Garden Waste Collection – Suspended

From next Monday (6 April 2020), Barnet’s fortnightly garden waste collection will become a paid-for service.  (You can still sign up for this; you might consider sharing the cost with your neighbours.)

However, Barnet has recently advised that all green waste collections will be suspended for the time being so that it can “prioritise services that help protect and ensure public health”.  If you have already paid you will not lose out: your green bins will be emptied for a full year once the service resumes.

More details.

Essential Help

We hope you are all doing OK in these worrying times.

  • Please continue to keep an eye out for your elderly and vulnerable neighbours.
  • If you are feeling isolated and would like a chat, you are not alone! – we are at the other end of the phone.  
  • If anyone needs essential shopping you can contact our association and we will try our best to accommodate.

Also, please note that anyone who is ill or elderly can contact Barnet to get food parcels delivered: click here for more information and to apply.

The latest government advice can be found on the GOV.UK website.

We have been blessed with wonderful weather and we hope you will open up your windows and doors and let the Vitamin D pour in! Sunshine is the best medicine.

In the words of Desmond Tutu: Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.