Relocate Donoghue Campaign

The campaign to relocate Donoghue’s continues.

Please continue to report any irregularities you notice about the company’s site or lorries to the Environment Agency’s Incident Hotline: 0800 807 060.  This makes such a difference!

The Environment Agency’s October 2017 Newsletter on P B Donoghue is now available. If you’d like a copy please request it from Matt Byrne, Customers and Engagement Officer: phone 0208 474 9864, or email

1 thought on “Relocate Donoghue Campaign

  1. Vinnie

    You may be interested to know that I reported a car that has been parked in Malvern Gardens with all 4 wheels on the pavement for one week to Barnet Council response team. The response was they were unable to help because Malvern gardens was not on the list of streets supplied to them to take enforcement action. Farcical. I wrote to Cllr Dean Cohen who as well as being our local councillor is also Chair of then Environment committee but no reply at all. I will remind him that local council elections are coming up!


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