Please Help Local Schoolchildren

Helen Harte, Head of Business Development, CommUNITY Barnet writes:

I am looking for your support to promote this request to enable children and young people across Barnet to access online learning. Something they have been unable to do since their schools and libraries have closed.

COVID-19 has turned life upside down and inside out for everyone, including over 50 school children who have no access to the internet. For most, this might not be a problem but for these children, the tap of learning has been turned off.

Some of our children are from families who are struggling on low incomes; some are children who are sitting assessments for exams; some are still new to this country and are learning English for the first time and falling further behind, simply because they cannot access education.

Lock down has prevented them from accessing the internet through school and the local libraries. 

With your help, we can switch their education back on by providing Pay-As-You-Go dongles to 50 children that we have been contacted about. These families live across Barnet and really need help.

Where children have no laptops we will look to source these if we can, however, we are also working with schools to loan laptops where needed to enable children and young people to complete their lessons. 

With your help, we can turn the education tap back on.

To donate, follow this link:

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