Handley Page Remembered

Clitterhouse Farm and the Memories Local History Group hosted a special history event to celebrate Handley Page‘s connection to Cricklewood at Whitefield School on Friday, 18 March.

Handley Page logo

Handley Page was an innovative aircraft design and manufacturing company based in Cricklewood between 1912 and the early 1960s. It is also associated with the the start of civil aviation between 1919 and 1929 at Cricklewood Aerodrome, which is now the Golders Green Estate.

Speakers included:

Handley Page 1

Thomas Ball, from Clitterhouse Farm Project, presenting Peter Hart and Rob Langham with Cricklewood’s own brewed beer.

Handley Page 2

Peter Elliot’s presentation on the Handley Page Collection held at the RAF Museum.

Handley Page 3

Our own Mary Bennett’s memories gave the night the human touch.

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